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What's Up!

I'm James

I appreciate you checking me out!

My Story

"Ever since I can recall, my heart has been captivated by the enchanting world of music. Despite my outward demeanor, few would guess that I was once an avid Backstreet Boys fan during my younger years. My musical journey has been diverse, but my roots lie in the rich rhythms of old-school hip-hop and soulful R&B. Reflecting on my college days, I reminisce about the ingenious workaround of creating mixed CDs for gatherings when a DJ was beyond budget constraints. This knack for crafting playlists tailored to diverse tastes earned me the title "DJ Bodyflowid", ensuring that every party resonated with infectious beats throughout the night. While my mix-making hiatus was prolonged, my passion for music remained unwavering. Serendipitously, my path crossed with Chase and Brad, a connection I believe to be of God. It's in this synergy that I've discovered my true calling: orchestrating unforgettable musical experiences that set the stage for joyous celebrations in Des Moines, Iowa (DSM, IA), especially in the realm of weddings."

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