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What's Up!

I'm Sha'Vierre! 

I usually end up becoming best friends with my clients. So, let's just start this friendship now!

A Little About Me

"Immersed in the vibrant music scene of St. Louis and beyond, I've crafted my world around the captivating rhythm of eclectic mixes that seamlessly transition guests from their seats to the dance floor! With a versatile repertoire tailored to suit all ages, the energy of every event pulsates with excitement throughout. My musical journey began by following in the footsteps of my parents, who honed their talents as band members during their school years. However, it was my time as a house DJ for a local skating rink that ignited my passion for music. In the heart of STL's dynamic atmosphere, I witnessed firsthand the transformative power of music on mood and emotion. From Des Moines, IA to various venues across MO, the thrill of commanding the crowd and orchestrating unforgettable moments became my addiction. DJing transcended mere hobby; it blossomed into a lifelong career that I wholeheartedly embrace. More than just a DJ, I am the curator of vibes, ensuring each event leaves an indelible mark on every guest's memory."




WOW! JM3 DJ’s was amazing to work with. I was extremely particular about music at my wedding and wanted that to be perfect. I spent days trying to find a DJ that could make it happen and fit our personalities. Sha’Vierre was our DJ and was AMAZING. We met over the phone multiple times and she went over every little detail and everything was perfect at the wedding. She was so helpful and made sure everything went smoothly. We have received endless compliments about how great of a DJ she was! She even wore the appropriate attire to our casual country wedding!! If you’re anything like me and know exactly what you want, want a hype DJ, and want it perfect, JM3 DJ will deliver that and more!!



Sha’Vierre was our DJ and was amazing!! She helped us out so much leading up to the wedding & made sure every detail was exactly how we wanted it. She helped us think through much more than just the music too! Our guests continue to compliment the music played throughout the night & she definitely kept everyone on the dance floor :)



ShaVierre was our DJ for our wedding last weekend, and she was so fabulous to work with!! Leading up to our big day, we had a couple of touch points to go over every detail of the ceremony, and several times she suggested thinking about things that we hadn't even considered. Her insights were so helpful, and she made sure we knew we could contact her any time with questions. On the day of the event, she kept the music bumping all night without much direction from us; we had suggested general moods for the different parts of the night but left it fairly open besides that, and she ran with it and executed perfectly! I had a number of guests compliment the DJ throughout the dancing portion of the night too - ShaVierre had a great combination of playing classics and also throwing in some fun remixes. Overall, 10/10 experience and would highly recommend!

Click the link below to listen to a few mixes and hear my style a little bit!

Check out my instagram page to see some of my live events.

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