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Welcome to our Enhancements Page, where we showcase the extra touches that will elevate your wedding celebration to new heights. At JM3 DJ's & Productions, we understand that our clients want their special day to be unforgettable. That's why we offer a range of exceptional enhancements to add that extra sparkle and create lasting memories.


Let's dive into the remarkable options we have available:


Indoor Fireworks

Add a touch of magic and grandeur to your reception with our indoor fireworks display. These awe-inspiring pyrotechnics create a breathtaking spectacle, filling the room with bursts of color and showering sparks. Our professional team ensures a safe and mesmerizing fireworks experience that will leave you and your guests in awe



  • 2 Indoor Fireworks - $500 per event

  • Will save first shots of the night for your first dance as a surprise factor for your guests.

  • Will continue to use during open dancing to build the energy on the dance floor!



Transform your wedding venue into a captivating and enchanting space with uplighting services. These carefully placed lights illuminate the walls, creating a warm and romantic ambiance. With a wide range of colors and customizable options, our uprights can match your wedding theme perfectly, adding a touch of elegance and sophistication to your celebration. We are also able to create a different vibe for open dancing with the lights. By syncing the uplighting to the beat of the music, your dance floor will feel like a Vegas night club with the varying patterns and displays. 


The price of uplighting varies by event depending on the size and layout of your venue space. Reach out to us to get a quote. 

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